World first two-in-one solar inverter and EV charger to change how Australia recharges

The Australian electric vehicle market could be on the verge of finally taking off after SolarEdge, a global leader in smart energy, unveiled the world’s first two-in-one solar inverter and EV charger at the All Energy Australia conference in Melbourne.

Owners of EVs will have the potential to charge their vehicles up to four times faster than a standard EV charger is capable of, with the innovative design combining grid power with a solar boost mode to utilise both sources simultaneously.

SolarEdge Australia General Manager Gavin Merchant said the introduction of the world’s first solar inverter and charging system had the potential to cause a shift in the uptake of EVs in Australia.

“Embedding an EV charger in our solar inverter gives owners flexibility in how they charge their EVs and how fast they do it. Having the solar boost mode option offers huge peace of mind and convenience because you can effectively quarter typical charging times,” said Mr Merchant.

A point of concern that has so far plagued EV uptake is the lack of reliable clean energy available to charge the vehicles. While taking fuel-burning vehicles off the road has a positive impact on carbon emissions, replacing them with vehicles relying on coal-burning sourced electricity is not the long-term answer.

The inverter looks like it could be a solution to this issue. A solar-only option means EVs will be able to recharge exclusively through renewable energy, reducing the dependence on grid-powered energy and reducing the vehicle owners carbon footprint, making EVS more appealing to the growing market of environmentally conscious consumers.

“With industry analysts expecting more new EVs to be sold globally than petrol and diesel cars in the next five to 10 years, we are heading towards a tipping point,” said Mr Merchant. “As a result, our largest energy use in the home is going to be for EV charging. Being able to use our EV charging solar inverter to power your car from solar gives consumers a more economic and greener option.”

Vehicle owners will be able to track and control the charging status of the vehicle to maximise the amount of solar power used to charge the vehicle using an app through their smartphone. Owners can also set charging schedules to further maximise solar charging during peak periods.

The solar inverter and EV charger is expected to be rolled out in Australia by the end of the year and will support multiple EV plug types. An EV-ready option is additionally available for homeowners looking to make the move to EVs in the future but do not currently require the charger.

25th Oct 2019

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