Welcome to 2Mota!

There is a new player in town. 2mota’s competitors won’t be happy but automotive businesses and consumers will!

Welcome to 2mota.

2mota is a new platform for mechanics and repairers to get their business online, that has the support of industry, and an automatic free 12-month subscription for all MTA Queensland members.  2mota will allow customers to request a quote for a vehicle repair or service from a group of local MTA Queensland members. The quotes can be adjusted depending on the specifics of the job, and customers can transparently communicate in an open forum with all potential businesses about the requirements of the job.

Most importantly 2mota will support the best interests of member businesses in getting a fair and reasonable price for work done, as well as offering an easy booking service for customers. 2mota is supported by MTA Queensland and industry because the member businesses on the platform will ensure a vehicle is repaired to a standard and not just a price. Business reviews by customers are another key feature of the system.

But there is more! 2mota will allow automotive businesses to temporarily hire qualified mechanics and borrow and share tools.

If you are heading into a really busy period of work, you can ‘hire’ a mechanic from a pool of sub-contractors or sole traders on the platform. This could be really helpful when employees go on holidays. Imagine being able to call on a qualified mechanic whenever you need them and all the legals and insurances are taken care of, you simply pay them for the work done.

Do you find it annoying then you have to buy expensive tools, yet only use them infrequently? What if you could ‘lend out’ that tool to a business that does not have one, and it makes money for you instead of lying dormant. For example, a specific engine timing tool kit.  The platform will allow you to share equipment, which means you can earn money from items that may not be regularly used, and the other business is spared the expense of buying it.

MTA Queensland and 2mota believe this solution will provide a great opportunity for businesses to get online without the need for price wars and under-cutting, while delivering an easy to use, transparent ‘quote and booking’ system for customers. The platform is supported by industry and will provide:

  • businesses access to new customers at a fraction of the cost of any other competitor platform and
  • a secure and safe environment where businesses can access staff and equipment from other automotive businesses.

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