WayRay Holograktor Brings Augmented Reality to Mobility

Source: WayRay

Swiss tech company WayRay has unveiled its Holograktor concept, an all-electric ride-hailing vehicle featuring advanced augmented reality (AR) technology.

It is described as the world’s first car to use AR glazing, a technology that allows content to be rendered in “real-time around the car”, providing information and entertainment for occupants.

The Holograktor has been created as a ride-hailing vehicle, which can either be driven conventionally or by remote control via a 5G and satellite internet connection.

Designed around a two + one seating arrangement, the front seats are pushed wide apart to provide all three occupants with a clear view of the holographic displays. This unusual single-rear seat layout was inspired by data showing more than 80 per cent of Uber trips were for one person only, according to WayRay.

Each passenger will have access to several Deep Reality Display HUDS in front and on the side, with each seat fitted with joysticks for gaming and interacting with content.

The rear passenger’s holographic system is located in a distinctive “shrimp” device located on the roof, while projectors for the front occupants are housed in the dashboard.

“The idea is that you choose Uber Black, Uber SUV, or Uber Holograktor. And if you choose the Holograktor, your ride will be subsidized by sponsored content so that the price will be much lower,” said WayRay founder and CEO Vitaly Ponomarev.

The concept was designed by renowned hypercar designer Sasha Selipanov, whose previous works include the Lamborghini Huracan, the Genesis Essentia, the Bugatti Chiron, and the Koenigsegg Gemera.

The sharp geometric edges were inspired by the Russian constructivism architectural movement, leaning heavily on prism motifs that Selipanov calls “perfectly appropriate for a car built to highlight holography.”

The triangular theme is integrated throughout the vehicle, from the 22-inch wheels to the laser headlights and taillights.

The front doors of the Holograktor open conventionally with a slight upward angle, while the rear doors open rearwards and upwards, providing easy access to all three seats.

Drivetrain details and other specs for the concept are yet to be announced, but the company has suggested a range of almost 600km plus a 0-100km/h time of 3.9 secs and a 200km/h top speed.

WayRay has not yet explained how a fleet of Holograktors could be operated, but when asked by Autocar if he could imagine large offices full of remote drivers, Ponomarev said “Yeah, why not? It will be like a call centre.”

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