Want to drive around Australia? Do it for $150 with an electric car

Sylvia Wilson, a retired farmer from near Biloela in central Queensland drove around Australia in an electric car; and it cost her $150.90.

Sylvia, aged 70, had planned the trip of a lifetime with her husband after impulsively purchasing a Tesla S75 electric vehicle sight-unseen in 2016.

When her husband sadly passed away in 2017, Sylvia announced to her family, “I think I’ll do that trip.

“Most of them were really keen. A couple of them said ‘you’re mad, you’ll never do it’,” said Wilson.

To drive the Round Australia Electric Vehicle Superhighway (a loop of charging stations), took Sylvia 110 days and 20,396km door to door.

Joined by her daughters, sisters, friends and a daughter-in-law, Sylvia had a troupe of women flying in and out of locations along the way to keep her company.

“I had to stick to a schedule because they had to book their flights, so there was no mucking around. I was flying blind to a certain extent. I booked all my accommodation, and that had to be tied in to what the car could do,” Wilson said.

“They call it range anxiety. That’s what everyone talks about. It’s totally valid to have that, to be thinking about the next charge, once you’ve got an [electric vehicle].

“But the reality is that if you can see the lights on, or that the kettle works, then you can charge. Even in the remotest places you can still charge the car. In a way there are more places to charge an EV [electric vehicle] than there are a fossil fuel car.”

“My other purpose was to prove a point,” she said. “These are good cars and you’re not stuck to just going down to the shops.

“The concern about the environment was front and centre. These cars are bloody expensive. But once you’ve paid for the car, your running costs are bugger all.”

The same trip would have, conservatively and based on city prices, cost more than $3,000 in petrol in a conventional sedan. Charging the car cost $150.90 in total, partly because people often did not want payment.

Source: The Guardian – https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/sep/12/how-much-does-it-cost-to-power-an-electric-car-around-australia-150

12 Sept 2018

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