Transport solution company targets personal transport with new vehicles

It has been a whirlwind 12-months for MTAiQ client e-Motion Concepts. Earlier this year it was announced that the business had received approval to import and sell their three-wheel moped vehicles in Australia, in a win for first and last-mile transportation services.

And now the Brisbane based start-up have followed up with the formation of a new business unit, EMoS, looking to target the budding personal first and last-mile mobility market.

The personal mobility business unit will focus on developing sustainable, environmentally friendly transport solutions for people and goods in built up locations that are efficient and reliable.

eMC Founder and CTO, Wolfgang Roffmann, said the demand for personal first and last-mile mobility devices provided an exciting opportunity for the business.

“In our search and development of urban transport solutions for people and goods, we have come across a number of innovative and exciting electric personal transport vehicle options and we felt that there is a demand in getting around the urban environment in an efficient and effective way, whilst not compromising on safety at an affordable cost,” said Mr Roffmann.

EMoS have developed three products they believe will cater for personal transport in a range of environments; the iLark, iTango and iTank.

The iLark, a three-wheeled e-scooter, makes use of dual-wheel-front steering to provide a safer journey for the passenger. With a top speed of 25km/h and range of 35km, the iLark is best suited as the first or last leg of a transport journey.

The three-wheeled e-scooter is fully compliant with requirements under the federal requirements and can be legally used in Queensland.

The other two products developed by EMoS have been classified as mopeds by federal authorities and can only be driven in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory with a car license. Under New South Wales and Victoria law, a provisional motorcycle license is required to operate the vehicles at this stage.

The iTango and iTank vehicles have been designed as extended versions of the iLark.

Both vehicles come with a top speed of 50km/h, with the iTango capable of driving 50km on a single charge, while the iTank comes with a 90km range. Both vehicles come with the innovative dual-front-wheel design and are best suited for inner city driving and short, point-to-point transport.

eMC have also added an additional vehicle to their catalogue, the P2000 electric moped. The P2000 is a conventional moped designed to handle urban deliveries and will sit beside eMC’s current products, the CT-KARGO and the CT-KUBE as part of their commercial electric vehicle’s portfolio.

All vehicles come with swappable batteries, which Mr Roffmann believes will be crucial for urban transport vehicles in the future.

“We believe that battery swap is a must for small urban transport vehicles. It makes sense.

“Since the batteries are reasonably small and light, they can be handled easily. Particularly for commercial applications, battery swap allows the vehicles to be available without substantial down time.”

All vehicles are expected to be available for delivery in February 2020.

More information on the full range of products can be found at

Original source: e-Motions Concepts Pty Ltd | (eMC) Announces Expanding Electric Vehicle Portfolio, Targeting Personal Transport Vehicles

27 Nov 2019

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