Titan Hydrogen, QUT to collaborate on new hydrogen fuel cell technology

Titan Hydrogen has announced a partnership with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to develop what it claims to be a “revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell.”

Titan Chief Technical Officer Dr. Andrew Dicks said the company is already seeking patent protection for a new kind of fuel cell which it believes will allow for much greater uptake of hydrogen in commercial vehicles.

“Titan holds the patent application to a revolutionary technology that improves the efficiency and reduces the consumption of hydrogen of existing fuel cells, making their use much more viable,” Dr Dicks told Courier Mail.

“Not only will we be able to manufacture a more efficient fuel for trucks and other large engines, we will be able to license our technology for use by car manufacturers.”

Eco-friendly hydrogen is produced from clean sources such as water and biomass, with water being the only byproduct.

The current efficiency of fuel cells is low, typically converting less than 40 per cent of the hydrogen into electricity. For trucks and buses in Australia, which frequently have to travel vast distances, this is a non-starter.

Titan hopes its technology will effectively double the driving range of vehicles by allowing fuel cells to pump out more electricity from the same amount of hydrogen.

The company is also working on a hydrogen injection system for internal combustion engines, which it believes could cut emissions by 30 per cent and boost fuel efficiency by 20 per cent.

By teaming up with QUT, Titan is progressing its efforts to bring these innovative hydrogen fuel cell technologies to the market.

Securing the project with QUT will ensure that the development of Titan’s hydrogen fuel cell is supported by state-of-the-art advanced electrochemical systems and new scanning tools, providing the ability to measure electrochemical and corrosion events on a micron scale.

“The aim of the work is to create a new type of hydrogen fuel cell that is not limited by losses caused by the high overpotentials experienced in currently available devices,” Dr Dicks continued.

“The development will investigate the fundamental processes occurring within fuel cells using both electrochemistry and analytical techniques to validate fully the Titan fuel cell concept in which a novel nanostructured membrane is at the heart of the fuel cell.”


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13 August 2021

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