Technology trends to watch for in 2019

Tech expert Michael Bancroft explores the opportunities new technologies are opening up in the near future with the omnipresent talk of robots and artificial intelligence throughout the technology sphere.

Mr Bancroft co-hosts Globalive Media’s television series Beyond Innovation interviewing scientists and software engineers working towards ‘remarkable inventions’.

Mr Bancroft predicts 2019 will see AI technologies and robotics continue to grow rapidly, labelling the phenomena “the internet of things”  with the new year bringing more integration and cohesion.

The modern Automotive era will continue to explode as the frontier is continually explored an commercialised bu leading car manufacturers. Automation is bound to take up even more space in the workforce.

In order to adapt to change, Mr Bancroft suggests early training and education in rapidly expanding fields like data mining, a global race Australia is falling behind in.

“About 2.5 quintillion bites of data are created everyday, it’s a scary thing that we are still trying to wrap our head around, people now have to work out how to mine it,” Mr Bancroft said.

“And that’s where AI has a huge part to play.”

With early adopters  already seeing significant cost and time benefits.

Globally, billions of dollars are being spent on the development of smart cities, that can ease congestion based on real-time responses and demand, and garbage bins that can indicate just how full they actually are among much more.

However, if companies expect consumers to readily adopt and trust these new areas of technology, transparency and education will be key for building that relationship early on.

“At the end of the day you want to make sure consumers are comfortable, when it comes to data and security, companies should focus on transparency and doing that properly,” Mr Bancroft said.

Soure: Technology trends to watch for in 2019
4 Jan 2019

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