Talk of ‘flying cars’ excite ahead of The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronics Show 2019 (January 8-11) will offer a glimpse into new products and services designed to bring innovation into the homes of consumers.

CES features 4,500 exhibitors across 250,000 square meters of exhibit space showcasing artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, smart homes, smart cities, sports gadgets and other cutting-edge devices.

The Las Vegas technology extravaganza will exhibit the latest flying car designs and prototypes as the industry leans towards an inevitable airborne future.

NFT Inc. co-founders Maki and Guy Kaplinsky, are a couple developing a flying vehicle in Israel and California, will have their vision on display at show.

“We believe we have a winning design that will enable us to make the Model T of flying cars — a low-cost production model,” Guy Kaplinsky told AFP in a Silicon Valley office park where a prototype model was being assembled.

Taking note from Tesla’s pitfalls, the start-up steers attention towards hardware and software development, while utilising equipment manufacturers to construct scale products.

“We learned from Tesla that Elon Musk spent too much time on the production side,” Guy Kaplinsky said.

“We are spending our time on the technology side and will partner with companies on assembly.”

Several companies, including Uber and start-ups backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, are working on people-carrying drones or similar flying vehicles.

NFT is working to marry a plane with a car, meaning no airports or heliports would be needed.

With the start-up expecting US Federal Aviation Administration approval as early as 2024. Kaplinsky aims to have a drive-fly vehicle ready to demonstrate late next year.

Kaplinsky also identifies how flying cars may be integrated into the lives of consumers in the form of ride-sharing fleets over individually owned vehicles.

Source: Buzz grows on ‘flying cars’ ahead of major tech show
08 Jan 2018

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