Scrap car recyclers promote responsible recycling initiative

The automotive industry has long been one of the largest producers of waste in Australia, with more than 100,000 tonnes of plastic, rubber and oil turning into landfill every year.

And while measures are being taken to increase the amount of waste that is recycled and lower pollution levels, the problem continues to plague the industry.

The largest source of automotive waste comes from vehicles hitting end of life. Approximately 750,000 end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) are disposed of every year, with a large portion of them failing to be de-populated in an environmentally suitable manner.

Australian scrap-car company, CarTakeBack Australia, is one company looking to turn this problem around and eliminate unnecessary automotive waste from landfill.

CarTakeBack Australia helps customers sell their scrap cars and ELVs. But unlike some other car scrapping businesses, CarTakeBack Australia provides a responsible car recycling service on all vehicles received.

Whereas scrap car businesses have traditionally required customers to de-pollute the vehicle themselves or would only remove material that can be re-sold before shredding the vehicle, this environmentally harmful practice is slowly becoming less common in Australia.

This is due largely to the work of eco-friendly scrap car recyclers like CarTakeBack Australia.

Upon receiving a vehicle destined for scrap, CarTakeBack Australia utilizes the latest safety methods to de-pollute and remove all harmful materials from the car. This includes any hazardous material such as oils or liquids, batteries and tyres. By doing this, it ensures this waste will be disposed of correctly and will not end up in landfill causing environmental damage.

The car is then stripped of any metal, glass, plastic or other material that can be recycled and re-used, leaving minimal waste left to be disposed of.

The rise of businesses like CarTakeBack Australia and other similar eco-friendly car scrapping services is a welcome addition to an industry that has struggled to lower its pollution levels in the past.

According to Auto Recyclers Association of Australia Executive Director, David Nolan, Australia has fallen behind other developed nations when it comes to automotive recycling.

“Compared with Japan, China, Europe and the US, Australia’s regulatory system for vehicle recycling is totally inadequate,” said Nolan.

“Automotive waste has a significant environmental impact because vehicles are highly intensive of material resources.”

On top of reduced environmental impact, the other major benefit that comes with responsible recycling methods is the saving of significant resources that can be recycled and re-introduced into the automotive industry.

With businesses like CarTakeBack Australia leading the way in the responsible recycling and scrapping of ELVs, the hope is that more businesses will follow their example and help clean up the environmental footprint of the automotive industry.

For more information on CarTakeBack Australia’s responsible car recycling service, click here.

Original source: CarTakeBack | Responsible car recycling

12 Sep 2019 

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