Savings & Discounts

Savings and Discounts are available to MTA Queensland members wishing to utilise the services of MTAiQ Clients.

Refueler is a mutually-beneficial platform for buyers and sellers of fuel. If offers unprecedented savings and deals to buyers while increasing the trade volume and overall sales of retailers.

If you are an MTA Queensland Service Station and Convenience Store Association of Queensland (SSCSAQ) Member Refueler is offering you the following:

  • FREE Refueler license fees
  • FREE app, installation & integration

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Watch the Refueler App demo below

Educate, retain and build trusting customer relationships that drive sales.

Carisma is a new app and software platform that builds customer trust and loyalty, bridging the gap between mechanical workshops and car owners.
The software is used to create visual reports, containing photos of your customer’s actual car.

These photos show what is happening and quickly demonstrate why additional maintenance or repairs may be required.
Less time on the phone, more time on the tools.

The app also drives instant feedback so you know how you’re performing.
Carisma uses this information to automatically encourage your happy customers to leave positive reviews on your social media.

Try Carisma free for 14 days!

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