MTAiQ News

Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit

8 Apr 2019 - Digital technologies are reshaping our lives. Everything from banking, shopping, dating, job hunting, and watching TV can now be done anywhere, anytime — faster and easier than ever.

Dr Brett Dale - An International Perspective at QODE

2 Apr 2019 - MTA Queensland's CEO Dr Brett Dale joined an international panel at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre over the 2nd and 3rd of April to discuss digital transformation and disruption in relation to future transportation.

MTAiQ Attend the Launch of CSIRO Data61’s new Robotics Innovation Centre

14 March 2019 - CSIRO’s Data61 announced this week the opening of its new Robotics Innovation Centre in Queensland, a purpose-built research facility for robotics and autonomous systems. The innovation team from MTAiQ were privileged to attend the launch, particularly as those technologies link to MTA Queensland members in the agricultural division.