National Hydrogen Roadmap

CSIRO have released a National Hydrogen Roadmap which provides a blueprint for the development of a hydrogen industry in Australia.

There has recently been a large amount of work undertaken globally, which seeks to quantify the economic opportunities associated with hydrogen. The National Hydrogen Roadmap focuses on how these opportunities can be realised and implemented.

Focusing on Australia, the primary objective of the Roadmap is to provide a blueprint for the development of a hydrogen industry. Taking into consideration the number of a activities already underway, the Roadmap is designed to help inform the next series of investment among industry, government, research and other stakeholder groups. The idea is for the industry to continuing scaling in a coordinated manner.

To achieve a pathway to an economically sustainable industry, industry needs to address the low emissions hydrogen value chain consisting of a series of mature technologies. There continues to be further scope for R&D, the level of maturity has meant that the story has shifted from one of technology development to market activation. In fact, all and any barriers could be overcome via a series of strategic investments along the value chain, in both a private and public sector.

Source: National Hydrogen Roadmap (CSIRO) –

30 Aug 2018