MTAiQ: The Innovation Hub for the Automotive Industry

Do you have an idea, a concept or an innovation that could make a difference in the automotive world? Do you need assistance in taking that idea to the next step in its development and to the wider world?

The auto industry is evolving quickly – technology is pushing the industry forward in directions we could scarcely imagine a decade ago and in another 10 years the vehicles that will be cruising our highways and byways (and maybe skyways!) will be vastly different to what we see today.

New ideas and new thinking are the fuel of this evolution and MTAiQ has a mission to not only help nurture new concepts, but to educate and assist the industry to adjust to, and embrace, this evolution.

At MTAiQ, we know there are creative and innovative thinkers and doers in the automotive sector who are constantly working on new ways to advance their business and their industry – and we are here to help.

With a purpose-built workshop, hot-desk working area with high-speed internet, an environment humming with start-up creativity, the backing of an association with more than 80 years working for the automotive industry, and a dedicated team with links and contacts across the worlds of investment, research and government, MTAiQ can help give your idea the development and backing it needs to shift into top gear.

Click here and submit your ideas, or problems that need solving, to MTAiQ for consideration. Come on . . . Let’s get started!

Original source: Motor Trader Magazine (September 2019)

11 Sept 2019