MTAiQ News

Automotive Transformation Scheme (ATS)

13 Jul 2018 - The Automotive Transformation Scheme (ATS) will cover up to 15% of costs for the investment of plant and equipment; and 50% of costs when investing in research and development aimed to encourage investment and innovation in the motor trades.

Queensland EV Company set to Recharge Auto Manufacturing Industry

Jun 14 2018 - The rise of the electric vehicle over the past decade has been extraordinary. In what seems like a blink of the eye, auto manufacturers have gone from barely registering the possibilities of EV technology to embracing it so fully that every major company now has an EV strategy and the future of the industry looks to be battery powered.

Game Over - Virtual Reality Feature

4 May 2018 - When you think of Virtual Reality (VR), the chances are you think of computer games and/or science fiction – of teenagers in bedrooms wearing face-hugging goggles, or fantastical futuristic Hollywood adventures. The truth, however, is much more practical. While virtual reality technology certainly has found a home as a new frontier in gaming and a much-loved plot device in films, its real-world application is far-reaching.

Robots on the move are making life easier

4 May 2018 - Such is the freedom offered by the Ohmnibot, a telepresence robot and a splendidly clever device that allows a person to dial-in and be ‘present’ at wherever the robot is located. Thanks to the fact it can be folded and transported with ease, that location could be anywhere.