MTAiQ Clients

MTAiQ conducts a complimentary meeting with a prospective client to determine the needs of the individuals/business.

To be an eligible client, MTAiQ will take into account:

  • Business needs
  • Suitability in relation to the support that can be offered by MTAiQ
  • Ability to achieve commercial outcomes
  • The level of innovation connected to the product or service

For further information download the MTAiQ Client Agreement.

Client Testimonials

MTAiQ membership has provided Refueler with access to the innovation hub’s A+ facilities, a media launch and some fantastic media attention as a result.

The team is professional and works together seamlessly. Nathan, the MTAiQ Community Manager is exceptional and provides members with insightful connections, collaboration opportunities, insights into automotive businesses and more. We look forward to continue working with MTAiQ and the team.


The ACE-EV Group first made contact with the MTAiQ in early 2018. It was a refreshing experience to have an organisation that had understanding and readiness to embrace and provide support for growing our project in the e-mobility sector.

The management team where proactive and always ready to assist and offer advice and useful contacts to facilitate the development of our project. What was particularly useful was to be able to utilise the offices and infrastructure at the MTAiQ for meetings and workshops.

ACE-EV Group now poised to begin Australian  assembly  of a 100% Electric – Light commercial vehicle, a range of  four models commencing with the ACE Cargo Van.

Ace-EV Group

“Being a member of MTAiQ has given us a unique opportunity to gain industry insights from experts in their field. We’ve never had to ask twice when we’ve reached out for information, support or general advice. Every single one of the team members are onboard and eager to assist startups in every way they can. The innovation hub will continue to get stronger as time goes on. We’re looking forward to seeing how initiatives like this continue to re-shape an industry in a constant state of change”.