Mitsubishi reveals MI-TECH SUV concept

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has unveiled the wild-looking Mi-Tech Concept electrified SUV concept car.

The Mi-Tech Concept is lightweight and compact, has a new PHEV drivetrain, a four-motor electric 4WD system, advanced driver assist and preventive safety technologies, and is designed to be a dynamic buggy-type vehicle.

It certainly looks rugged and muscular enough for some decent off-road, and fun, work, with skid plates, massive wheel arches and large diameter tyres, but it’s the plug-in hybrid system that is really intriguing. Here there’s a gas turbine system that can be fed a range of fuels – including alcohol, diesel and kerosene – with the turbine generating charge for the batteries which then power four electric motors, one at each wheel.

Inside, there’s a horizontal instrument panel and a functional design, and the Mi-Tech Concept comes equipped with a Human Machine Interface (HMI) which displays various information detected through sensing technology, including advanced optical sensors, on an augmented reality (AR) windscreen.With vehicle, road, and traffic conditions shown on the windscreen, drivers can make accurate, heads-up decisions even in poor visibility.

Also equipped with Mi-Pilot next-generation driver assistance technology, the concept car extends driver support not only on ordinary roads, but also on unpaved roads.

Source: Motor Trader E-Magazine (Nov) 2019

6 Nov 2019