MG MAZE, an electric car concept inspired by video games

MG’s London design team – SAIC Design – has unveiled the MAZE, a futuristic two-seater electric vehicle concept that reimages mobile gaming for the 21st Century.

Celebrating both the real and digital world, the layout, colour and materials were all selected to emulate the comfortable situation of ‘at home’ gaming.

The exterior design replicates that of gaming hardware, especially high-tech computers with exposed components. The chassis is visible at the rear, where the motors and replaceable battery are housed in a “plug and play” configuration. Even components such as GPU, CPU and cooling are visible.

The full polycarbonate exterior shell acts as a window both into the car and for the players to see their playground.

The front opening canopy configuration presents the interior space in a unique way and the seats aid entry and exit via the front of the car.

MG MAZE conveys a real gaming experience through its open cockpit layout which offers a full panoramic view of the environment.

And these gaming vibes not only flow through aesthetically but also into the cabin and the real-life driving experience. The automaker wants passengers to feel as if they are players in a real-world treasure hunt of digital art in their cities, complete with a couch/sofa, controller and a screen.

A sophisticated user interface covers the whole front of the cars, with a 3D map, avatar status, and mission information, which leads to the overlaying of images and digital content from the occupant’s perspective. Drivers (or rather players) ride along using their phones as the access and control points for the car.

That’s not all, there are even ‘easter eggs’ that allow players to build their status, which is displayed using the lighting aspects on the side of the vehicle.

“The once familiar surroundings are transformed into interactive, dynamic and expressive art pieces that give a visceral experience to urban mobility again,” writes SAIC Design.

“MG has a global following like no other, re-imaging and ensuring the community and legacy continue well into the 21st century is a key element of this concept.”

“MG MAZE is an attempt to engage and create a positive experience for urban mobility. Playful and agile, the concept seeks to be truly engaging, across all ages, cultures and interests.”



SAIC Design | MG Maze – “Get Out & Play”

Automotive Daily | MG Maze concept inspired by videogames

22 September 2021

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