Mercedes Unveils MBUX Hyperscreen Dashboard

Mercedes presented its impressive, one-piece dash screen at CES. It will be found on the incoming EQS electric sedan.

The huge screen stretches almost the entire width of the cabin – it is 141cm and has a display area of 2432.11cm2 – but while it uses OLED technology and is all digital, analogue air vents have been integratedat each end.

The MBUX hyperscreen is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) software, with the display and operating concept able to adapt to its user and make personalised suggestions for numerous infotainment, comfort and vehicle functions.

Thanks to what is called a ‘zero layer’, the Hypercscreen can be tailored to display the most relevant applications at the top level, meaning users don’t have to go digging through multiple sub-menus, and numerous operating steps are removed.

Over 20 functions – from an active massage program through birthday reminders, to suggestions for the to-do list – are automatically offered with the aid of AI when they are relevant to the customer. ‘Magic Modules’ is the in-house name the developers gave to these suggestion modules, which are shown on the zero-layer.

While the driver is well served by the hyperscreen, the passenger also has their own display and operating area, and with up to seven profiles, it is possible to customise the content. However, that entertainment function is only available when the passenger seat is occupied.

If the passenger seat is not occupied, the screen becomes a digital decorative part. Also, the entertainment functions of the passenger display are only available during the journey within the framework of the country-specific legal regulations.

The display appearance contains graphics styled in a blue/orange colour scheme throughout. The classic cockpit display with two circular instruments has been reinterpreted with a digital ‘laser sword’ in a glass lens.

We often talk about the computing power of modern cars, and the hyperscreen is an example of what can be done with that power. Its specifications are also an example of the type of information that mechanics ad technicians will likely have to come to grips with as the industry evolves – it has eight CPU, has 24-gigabytes of RAM and delivers 46.4 GB per second RAM memory bandwidth. Got that?

Source: Motor Trader e-Magazine (February 2021)

11 February 2021

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