Making EV Charging Stations

Carola Jonas co-founded the Sydney start-up, the Everty charging network after finding difficulty with her plans to charge an electric car at her Coogee home because she has only street parking.

That was how to foster collaboration in the electric vehicle (EV) community and empower consumers to actively participate in building a charging network that suits the large variety of use cases.

She believes Australia isn’t yet quite ready with its charging infrastructure for the coming surge in EVs, especially as more models with greater range become available. Jonas came up with the idea of a booking service for car charging which allows those with EV charging to make money from their parking and charging spaces.

It gives homeowners some money while providing EV drivers with better charging access, although some homeowners have reportedly said they’d do it just to help boost EV uptake.

Some EV drivers charge exclusively at home, while others may live in apartments without access to electricity in their car park or street parking, Jonas says.

“Many EV drivers, depending on the distance travelled, either on the daily commute or on holidays, have to charge up their EV in other places.”

She says building a modern charging network cannot be tasked to just one party.

“While government support will always play a critical role, many charging stations will be installed by utilities, car manufacturers, motoring groups, businesses and, in some cases, communities
themselves. Still, the majority of chargers will be installed privately by home and business owners.

“Luckily, the EV community is a friendly bunch of people and many of them are happy to share their charging stations so everyone can have a great experience owning an EV.”

Charging stations are now popping up everywhere.

They are installed as public fast charging stations along highways and in city centres, while councils supply on-street charging solutions at attractive locations like parks and beaches, shopping centres, hotels, retail locations, office car parks, residential properties, and many more places.

Charging station owners are happy to share their chargers and often provide the electricity for free because they are not able to easily monitor, manage and monetise their asset, Jonas says.

Everty helps EV drivers to find, book and pay for EV charging. The company also works with owners of private and public chargers to make them accessible and to get a return on their investment. Charging station operators can easily list their chargers and receive bookings and/or payments for the use of their chargers and are paid for the electricity they provide.

What makes Everty different from other charging networks?

Being truly hardware agnostic and providing the ability to connect nonnetworked chargers, i.e. chargers that are not metered and connected to the internet, into its platform allows everyone
to participate. Homeowners and small businesses with only one or very few chargers can participate in a simple and cost-effective way and still take advantage of the platform by accessing
reports on the number of bookings and income generated.

For larger organisations which have a fleet of networked chargers, the Everty platform gives them valuable information such as real-time visibility of availability, kWh used per charging session, and much more.

As the users are registered, their charging sessions can be allocated back to the car. This makes it attractive for fleet managers, especially when the fleet vehicles are taken home by employees for overnight charging.

Operators of public charging infrastructure, especially in tourist locations, also benefit from analysing how often chargers are used. That can help them in making future investment decisions into additional chargers or new locations.

“There are many different ways and needs for EV charging, and a dense charging network needs to cater for all the different scenarios to make it easy for EV drivers,” Jonas says. “The more
people who participate, the quicker the myth can be busted that charging infrastructure is a problem. Everyone wins.”

Australia’s rapidly growing love affair with rooftop solar power could also help Everty. Jonas believes Everty could help homeowners who cannot use that energy during the day.

Visit for more information about the Everty platform and software.


24 Jul 2018

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