Who do consumers trust to deliver electric cars?

18 Mar 2019 - Who do consumers trust to deliver electric cars? A survey has been done which has found that the proportion of consumers who plan to buy an electric car has almost tripled but do they trust tech giants or car manufacturers to build them and sell at a decent price?

Car Sharing in Your Community

13 Mar 2019 - Another Aussie mobility option has entered the market which may have an impact on the current businesses operating in the car rental space. The MTAiQ innovation hub is committed to ensuring we provide the latest information on all new platforms and business models to the members of MTA Queensland and our stakeholder network.

Tesla is moving car sales online

5 Mar 2019 - US car manufacturer Tesla is dismantling its physical stores and moving to an online-sales-only platform to ensure the Model 3 (its entry-level car) will become economically viable to the public.

Lime E-scooter’s Trial Extended

26 Feb 2019 - Brisbane's Lime electric scooter trial has been extended until July by the Brisbane City Council. More than half a million scooter rides have been recorded following its initial launch in November 2018.

Berlin's New App With Every Mobility Option

26 Feb 2019 - Berlin has developed a new mobility app that will get you anywhere, without driving your own car. The App will give you options that include bike-sharing,  scooters, ride-hailing, car-pooling, car-sharing, taxis, and the entire public transportation system. You can even get tickets on the App.