Making EV Charging Stations

24 Jul 2018 - Carola Jonas co-founded the Sydney start-up, the Everty charging network after finding difficulty with her plans to charge an electric car at her Coogee home because she has only street parking. 

Tesla plans Australian mobile servicing

24 Jul 2018 - Proposed to roll out in the third quarter of the year, Tesla has announced plans to offer a free mobile servicing scheme in an effort to boost the appeal of its electric vehicles (EVs) outside of Australia's capital cities. 

Electric car owners take action

14 Jun 2018 - Rather than wait for government action, an electric vehicle owners’ group got on with the job of ensuring a charger covers Australia’s most popular routes.

Mini launches peer-to-peer car sharing trial

14 Jun 2018 - Mini is launching a new sharing app that will allow owners to grant friends, family members or colleagues permission to open and start their vehicle via a smartphone. The car sharing project is to be tested under everyday conditions in Madrid, Spain.

Market Launch for BMW Wireless Charging

12 Jun 2018 - BMW I, the BMW Group brand that focuses on connected mobility services and is responsible for the i3 electric car and I8 plug-in hybrid sports car, has launched a factory-fitted, fully integrated inductive charging facility for the high-voltage battery in a plug-in hybrid vehicle.