H2X partners with Elvin Renewable Group to manufacture Green Hydrogen Production Units

An Australian renewables company has joined forces with the county’s first hydrogen vehicle manufacturer to locally produce hydrogen production units.

Elvin Group Renewables, an innovative renewable technology manufacturer, have tasked themselves with reducing Australia’s reliance on fossil fuels for power and are focusing on hydrogen energy as a clean alternative.

The use of hydrogen as a clean, sustainable source of energy in Australia has long been considered a potentially viable option, with state and federal governments recently investing in projects to see the country develop a hydrogen economy.

With news of the recent investments generating a buzz around the potential of hydrogen energy, Elvin Group Renewables Managing Director, Mr Samuel Blackadder, said that now is the time press forward on hydrogen projects, and believes his company is well-positioned to lead the charge.

“We believe the time is right for Australia to take hold and drive the hydrogen economy which also means taking control of manufacturing opportunities,” said Blackadder.

“Instead of importing a hydrogen electrolyser from overseas markets, we should be utilizing our talented and experienced workforce by providing upskilling into a new industry.”

Among Elvin’s goals is to lower the cost of hydrogen production, a crucial step in allowing hydrogen energy to flourish in Australia. Reducing the price of making hydrogen energy would also pave the way for the arrival of hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicles (FCEVs), where a lack of refuelling infrastructure technology is currently holding back uptake of the vehicles.

To achieve this goal, Elvin has invested in Australian company Hydrostar and their green hydrogen electrolyser technology. These electrolysers, which are made from 100 per cent recycled materials, have been trialled and tested under lab conditions in Canberra.

Elvin believes these electrolysers can be used in refuelling infrastructure at service stations by placing a 500kw to 1MW container for hydrogen production and hydrogen refuelling onsite for vehicles. These systems could be built into existing service stations, or placed at businesses, worksites or farms for efficient refuelling.

With the local manufacturing of electrolysers looking to benefit the hydrogen fuel-cell sector of the automotive industry, Australia’s first FCEV manufacturer, H2X, has put their hand up to collaborate on the advancement of the technology.

“This is an exciting development, especially as these electrolysers are being manufactured in Australia, providing jobs and opportunity in our economy,” said H2X CEO Brendan Norman. “We are very pleased to be involved in this project and additional usage of our capacities is an important backbone for H2X’s growth and stability.”

29 June 2020

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