March 2020

The demise of Holden is painful.

For many Australians, the brand was an important part of life and many memories – of learning to drive, of buying that first car and then having that first bingle! – are linked to the company.

While the financial reasoning behind General Motors’ ‘retirement’ of Holden is probably fair enough – and it is true that sales had fallen dramatically – to see this once mighty company disappear is remarkable and reminds us once again of the incredible changes and disruption that the automotive industry faces.

Embracing these changes is, I would argue, the way forward. We know that the big global players are marching towards electrification, self-driving vehicles, and are investing in associated technologies such as 3D printing and recycling, and it is great to see Australian businesses, startups and entrepreneurs recognising that they can play a winning role in these areas.

MTAiQ certainly is proud to be involved with businesses such as electric vehicle companies ACE-EV and e-Motion Concepts, as well as tyre recycler Green Distillation Technologies Corporation. MTAiQ and MTA Queensland have also partnered with the Australian Research Council (ARC) to investigate the benefits of 3D printing for metal-based additive production in Australia through a project called the ARC Training Centre for Multiscale 3D Imaging, Modelling and Manufacturing.

While Australia may be a small market in automotive terms and perhaps easily forgotten by the major global manufacturers who would rather play elsewhere, there is plenty of room here for businesses to innovate, try new things and develop new ideas, and take advantage of the disruption that is making itself felt across the automotive industry.


MTAiQ’s mission has two goals. The first is to take a close look at developing automotive technologies and deliver programs designed to help MTA Queensland members and automotive businesses to adapt to industry disruption.

We do this by offering educational programs and workshops and by hosting industry events such as the Carmageddon sympsosium, the fourth edition of which will be taking place in July.

Also, MTA Queensland, the Association of which MTAiQ is part, is a member of the Australian government’s Small Business Digital Champions project and offers advice on how members and others can embrace the digital space to advance and develop their own small business. You can find out more about that project HERE.

MTAiQ‘s second goal is to assist in developing new automotive-related concepts and business models and help entrepreneurs and start-ups bring those concepts to market. We do this through an extensive network of industry and government contacts while offering support through the concept’s development.

Recently, we welcomed e-Motion Concepts – a Brisbane-based mobility solutions company – as a client, and we work with, or have worked with, several other innovative businesses and start-ups, including the ACE-EV Group which is assembling a range of electric vehicles in Australia; and others that are developing such technologies as wireless in-motion vehicle charging; a smart app designed to streamline job reporting processes in mechanical workshops; and a smart app set to revolutionise car parking for consumers and councils. We also work with Refueler – a company that has developed an app connecting consumers and retailers for the sale of petrol.

MTAiQ and MTA Queensland are enthusiastic and influential partners to those with an idea or product that could make a difference to the automotive industry, and we encourage those with an idea to get in touch.

As author JK Rowling wrote: “Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”

So, don’t hold back. Get in contact with us and together we’ll see just how far you can take your idea.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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