GDTC creates refined carbon particle from end-of-life tyres

Green Distillation Technologies Corporation (GDTC) has announced that they have taken a significant step towards refining the carbon recovered from their tyre recycling process, which should make it directly usable in the rubber industry in due course.

Through a technique known as destructive distillation, GDTC converts tyres back into high demand valuable raw materials. As part of this process, they produce carbon.

One of the world’s most widely used industrial chemicals, carbon has a range of uses. From rubber products as a reinforcing and binding agent to filtration products, cosmetics, toners, inks, and paints.

The GDTC process produces what is termed “recovered black carbon”, which has a composition that includes some polymers that cause the particles to stick together in an agglomeration.

The alternative, virgin carbon black, is manufactured through the pyrolysis process using fossil fuels, and as consumers focus on sustainability and the creation of a circular economy, this method has been coming under some scrutiny.

One of the critical issues with the use of recovered carbon black in rubber products is the size of the particles that can be achieved from this product. Recovered black carbon is slightly larger than virgin carbon black, and is measured in microns compared to nanometers. This has caused the pyrolysis industry, in particular, some concerns. The answer to these concerns is to find a method by which the size can be reduced.

GDTC, facing a similar problem, has discovered a technology that can reduce particle sizes of a variety of different materials, from iron ore through to plastics and glass.

“Fortunately, we were able to run one tonne of our product through that process. And to our delight and the knowing nods of the developers of this technology, we are able to enter the race for delivery of our carbon product into the rubber industry,” writes the company.

“Knowing that the physical characteristics match the requirement, we are able now to actively seek partnerships with rubber formulators, plastic makers, and resin manufacturers around the world to find a market that is both cost-effective and profitable to both parties.”

Source: Green Distillation Technologies Corporation | Towards the perfect carbon particle from end-of-life tyres

19 May 2021 

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