Hyundai Motor Group has developed A Vest EXoskeleton (VEX), a wearable robot created to assist industrial workers who spend long hours working in overhead environments.

We’ve seen this type of technology before – Ford also has one in the works – and it’s a certainty that more will be developed and adopted. They are designed to enhance productivity and reduce fatigue by imitating the movement of human joints to boost load support and mobility – a win-win for everyone.

With the VEX, which weighs just 2.5kg, the user places their arms through the shoulder straps of the vest, then fastens the chest and waist buckles. The back section is adjustable to fit a variety of body sizes, while the degree of force assistance can be adjusted over six levels.

The VEX is targeted at production-line workers whose job is primarily overhead, such as those fitting brake tubes and attaching exhausts. A trial held at two plants in the U.S. was, the company says, successful in assisting workers and boosting productivity and both plants incorporated VEX systems in their production lines. The VEX is expected to go into commercial production in December.

Original source: Motor Trader Magazine (September 2019)

10 Sept 2019