EMoS unveils new chopper style electric moped

MTA Queensland client, Electric Mobility Solutions (EMoS), has officially unveiled its new WYLD “e-chopper” electric moped at the Launch, Show and Ride EV Expo at the University of Southern Queensland, Springfield campus.

The single-seater chopper-style scooter features aluminium allow construction, coat hanger handlebars and fat, 18-inch tyres.

Using a 2kW electric motor and a 60V/30Ah removable battery, the Wyld has a top speed of 50 km per hour, with an 80 km range.

EMoS expects that the removable battery will assist people who live in apartments or complexes, to avoid having to install an external charging point. The battery will have the ability to be charged in around five hours.

“We want our vehicles to give our customers more; more safety, more agility and more fun,” said Wolfgang Roffmann, EMoS Founder.

“Our philosophy has been from the start to be different. We want people to turn their heads for our vehicles, we want them to be excited about the form and the function, and to make a statement for electric vehicles and that is the same for the WYLD.”

“It’s a modern incarnation of the 1960s Easy Rider but powered by an electric motor.”

EMoS reports that they have already experienced a high level of interest in the new bike across Europe and the United Kingdom. The company has also recently signed an agreement with a distributor in the United States.

“Electric cars have to become the dominant form in the UK with them recently announcing that there won’t be any internal combustion engines allows past 2030.”

“Within Australia, we haven’t got any of these targets yet but the feeling is we will see electric vehicles becoming the dominant forms,” Mr Roffmann added.

Over the next twelve months, EMoS aims to sell around 300 – 500 of the bikes in Australia.

Paul Kulpa, MTA Queensland’s General Manager for innovation said the WYLD could potentially introduce an entirely new market of environmentally conscious commuters to the world of e-choppers.

“The Wyld ’s classification allows it to be used with a normal car driver’s license in Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia,” Mr Kulpa said.

“If EMoS gets its message out to the right audience, it has the potential to attract a solid customer base looking for easy entry into personal electric mobility market.”

EMoS claims the Wyld is the perfect urban mobility solution.

“It is perfect for your day-to-day trips in the urban environment,” Mr Roffmann stated.

It is no coincidence that EMoS unveiled the model in Springfield. EMoS views the emerging suburb of Springfield as a significant opportunity for the WYLD.

Mr Roffmann reports that both organisations have “sustainability and the future of living on their Agenda,” resulting in “a very good collaboration with higher synergies.” “

“Springfield’s ambition for a cleaner and green future matches the one of EMoS too,” Mr Roffmann added.

Andrew Deme, Springfield City Group Energy Innovation Manager hopes Springfield can build on its existing partnership with EMoS and potentially expand to become a manufacturing hub for electric mobility devices.

Find out more about the WYLD at emos.com.au/wyld/

Source: The Queensland Times | New ‘e-chopper’ hits the roads

16 December 2020

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