Current Projects

MTAiQ has been, and currently is, involved in a number of projects with clients including:

  • Supporting the development of the Pegasus Flying Car project in 2018
  • Various concepts that represent the future of mobility. We represent diversified clients that are using cutting-edge technology and AI to develop autonomous ride-sharing and electric mobility options as well as wireless in-motion charging to power vehicles.  The technology supports clean energy, cost efficiency and safer roads for animals and humanity. The innovations will lead to mass savings in environmental and health costs. MTAiQ’s role is to facilitate networking with state and federal governments, regional and metropolitan Councils and other stakeholders in order to assist in pilot projects and opportunities to raise capital.
  • A smart app designed to streamline job reporting processes in mechanical workshops internally and also for the customer. MTAiQ’s role is to bring awareness and connections to businesses in the automotive industry in Queensland and interstate.
  • A smart app revolutionising car parking for consumers and councils. MTAiQ is involved in expanding the application via marketing and web development.
  • Custom-built Intelligent Transport Systems, deploying autonomous vehicles and state-of-the-art transport technology. MTAiQ assists by retro-fitting autonomous vehicles at the MTA Institute, to be used in trials in Queensland via the Queensland government’s CAVI Project.
  • The first climate positive, free-floating, electric vehicle car share service in Australasia. MTAiQ’s role is to assist in bringing the electric vehicle car sharing project to major capital cities.
  • Supporting a USA-based micro-manufacturing company who are focused on low volume production of electric, autonomous buses and customised vehicle designs, using multiple micro factories. MTAiQ is involved in bringing this to Australia.
  • Apps connecting consumers and retailers for the sale of petrol. MTAiQ assists in profile building, marketing and connecting businesses.
  • 3D Printing in the automotive and mining sectors. MTAiQ‘s role is to assist in marketing and promoting.
  • Using VR technology to bring dealer showrooms to the consumer.
  • A company supplying all electric consumer and fleet vehicles, priced under $40,000, to Australia that are assembled here and bring micro-manufacturing to Australia. MTAiQ assists in promoting and connecting to investors.
  • A motor dealer xchange business undertaking online auctions.
  • A blockchain digital activator business looking to revolutionise the world of automotive business operation.

In 2018, MTAiQ sponsored Brisbane’s Myriad innovation event May 16-18.

On 21 March 2019, we will host Carmageddon, a one day automotive / mobility symposium. Find out more here.