Car keys, a thing of the past?

The days of car keys could soon be a thing of the past with many automotive companies looking to upgrade to a new ‘digital key’ system.

Hyundai is the latest car manufacturer to announce this and will look to roll out their digital key by the end of 2019.

The new system which will work on models that have proximity key and push-button start capability, will allow owners to unlock and start their vehicle using a smartphone.  Hyundai claim the smartphone app will work through a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection.

The app is expected to allow up to four ‘shares’ with other smartphone users which opens up opportunity for car-sharing without needing to concern yourself with key swapping or key boxes.

An added bonus of the new technology will mean that your personal preferences are remembered; meaning the digital key with align with a specific drivers profile and automatically adjust mirrors, seat, steering wheel, audio, sat nav and more.

The technology is expected to be rolled out for a Hyundai Genesis G80 later this year.

Source: CarsGuide – The death of the car key

6 Mar 2019