Brisbane’s parking law goes digital

Brisbane City Council has overhauled its 22-year-old Regulated Parking Permit Local Law, with paper parking permits going digital and several new permit types introduced.

This was decided on Tuesday, where the council passed an amendment to the law which would see new permits introduced for carers and health professional, fleet and car-share permits.

This means, that under Brisbane City Council’s Regulated Parking Permit Amending Local Law 2018, Brisbane City Council is currently implementing a new digital parking permitting system and Council policy now allows for free-floating car vehicle share companies to operate in Brisbane.

Permits are available for car-share operators that allow their car-share vehicles to be parked on-street within traffic areas, parking control areas and regulated parking permit areas (subject to a few exceptions).

In addition to this, new short-term permits will also be made available for residents visiting trade and utility vehicles.

The passed amendment also removed the legal requirement for permits to be displayed on the vehicle dashboard.

Residents who fulfil the requirements for a permit will still be able to use a paper permit if they want to.

Source: Brisbane Times

9 Jul 2018