BMW backs carbon-neutral petrol with investment in Prometheus Fuels

German automotive manufacturer BMW and sister brand Mini have partnered to invest $US12.5 million into Prometheus Fuels, an American company that converts captured carbon into synthetic petrol and diesel.

The process of converting carbon emissions into fuel has previously been considered an alternative to petrol, though, the cost to perform this process has traditionally required significant investments in infrastructure.

However, Prometheus Fuels chief executive Rob McGinnis believes his company has discovered an affordable, efficient method of converting carbon emissions using solar power.

“Fundamentally what we’re doing is turning electricity into fuel,” said McGinnis.

“What we’ve innovated at Prometheus is we’ve figured out a way to use very inexpensive equipment. So… we can make a pretty inexpensive machine that then takes pretty inexpensive electricity, and then turn it into fuel.”

The company claims the products that they can create through this process, including petrol, diesel and jet fuel, are completely carbon neutral and believe these products will be commercially available by the end of 2020.

Whereas some other fuel sources require vehicle engines to be modified before it can be used, Prometheus is confident that their carbon-neutral fuel can be used by pre-existing vehicles as they are chemically identical to petrol.

BMW believes moving to a carbon-neutral fuel would dramatically reduce the amount of carbon emissions entering the atmosphere and assist in the automotive industry’s move towards green fuel.

Source: Caradvice | BMW invests in Prometheus Fuels, carbon-neutral petrol

23 June 2020

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