2mota launched at MTAiQ innovation hub

2mota, the unique online business marketplace developed in partnership with MTA Queensland, its members and industry, was officially launched in November at an event at the MTAiQ Innovation Hub.

It marks a major push by MTA Queensland – which has invested in the platform – to provide members and the wider industry with an avenue to enter the digital economy and create a presence online, become part of a community of businesses, and increase revenue and profit.

As a partner in the Australian government’s Small Business Digital Champion Project, MTA Queensland committed to promoting the benefits of ‘going digital’ to members and the 2mota platform forms part of the Association’s involvement in creating a suite of digital projects aimed at assisting industry. These include social media workshops, online resources, and delivering advice on technology trends and adoption and all manner of other topics relevant to business becoming engaged in the digital world.

2mota is a portal that offers a unique opportunity for businesses to not only access a pool of sub-contractors, but also hire and share tools and other assets, including space, from and with other workshops. This marketplace work to help businesses become more efficient and productive, offering a secure way to collaborate, to generate more business, and get online without the need for price wars and undercutting. And it’s all in one, easy-to-use platform.

Industry was consulted extensively during the development of the 2mota platform and the feedback to the concept, and the detailed discussions with business owners who have decades of working in the industry, has ensured the platform delivers features and an experience that was sought after by automotive businesses.

The launch of 2mota was attended by guests including automotive business owners and the Board of MTA Queensland, with Eden Spencer, CEO of 2mota, delivering a presentation on the concept behind the platform, the role of technology in the disruption of the auto industry, and the goal of 2mota’s introduction.

“What we have created in conjunction with MTA Queensland is actually a world first,” said Mr Spencer. “Why did we develop this platform? The biggest reason was because our industry is changing. We have seen significant disruption in the last few years, and that is not only thanks to the smartphone, but to a whole raft of new e-commerce models that are significantly changing how we operate and how we integrate with the rest of society.”

Mr Spencer said the effect of this change on traditional automotive businesses highlighted the need for an avenue such as 2mota that but, perhaps just as importantly, enables a reduction in a business’s operating costs.

“Consumers are changing,” he said. “They understand the digital environment, they desire services on-demand . . . and this has changed the nature of how we interact with them and how businesses operate.

“The focus of 2mota is to help sustain small businesses through this digital disruption. We’re promoting a diversified business model aimed at reducing businesses operating costs, and one where consumers are no longer the only way to earn a profit. We are promoting collaboration between businesses and finding new ways for them to work together. 2mota is a way to provide the industry with a new type of sustainability.”

Mr Spencer’s sentiments were echoed by Dr Brett Dale, CEO of MTA Queensland Group, who highlighted the input of industry during the development of 2mota.

“Today is a very exciting day,” he said. “Two years ago, we launched the MTAiQ innovation hub. We took seriously the change confronting business on a daily basis with regard to new technology and established that one of our key roles would be to introduce and support emerging technology from an industry perspective. Today is about that.

“There are a number of strategies that we see this platform having the capacity to accommodate and believe it will be the future marketplace for automotive – a marketplace that will be regulated to ensure that there is a real balance between the consumer and industry.

“We can guarantee to our members that this concept will be industry-led and will always take into account the expectations and necessary operating space for our member businesses.”

Source: Motor Trader E-Magazine (Dec 2019/Jan 2020)

18 Dec 2019

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